About the Salford Arabic School

sas logo 2 The Salford Arabic school is the most important project of the YCA. The Arabic school has been and will remain the greatest worry and concern for our community. And I would not be exaggerating if I said that the YCA is the Arabic school.

For many years, our community has suffered a lot, due to the ups and downs, and the existences and disappearances of previous Arabic schools, and we as parents and our children, have paid a great price, and have been struck with severe consequences.

In January 2011, the Salford Arabic School was  re-established and the number of students was only 34 students divided into 5 groups, this school year ended in August.  In October 2011, the school was reopened and more children attended. We today have students from more than 19 different ethnicity backgrounds.

We now have around 160 students, 10 teachers, 7 assistants, and have acquired more space to accommodate them, we expect even more students next September after summer holidays.

The school fees for 2017/2018 are £340 per Academic Year per student, paid in 3 instalments . This is a nominal fee; we make huge efforts to collect donations for the Arabic school to cover the overall cost of running the school.

We encourage you all to make a monthly donation whether big or small, to contribute to this noble project, and Allah will reward you for a every single letter that is taught.

  • Opening hours – Saturdays & Sundays 09:15 am until 3:45 pm (main school).
  • Other opening times are Wednesday & Thursdays evenings (Tahfeedh & Tajweed classes).

For more information contact:

  • Office: 0161 707 7012
  • Mobile: 07872986231
  • Mobile: 07411778076

Email: info@yca-manchester.org.uk