Arabic language:

Salford Arabic School adopts Dr Habib Affes’s607

  I love Arabic Language” سلسلسة أحبّ اللغة العربية series, which is one of the most advanced curriculums that presents the Arabic language in an exciting and educational way and satisfies the needs of both Arabic and non-Arabic native students, this curriculum is inclusive and integrate.

This curriculum looks at the language as a set of general skills and activities, the teacher seeks to give them the child by communicating with him and involving the child in discovering, realizing, processing, and then applying them, not by imposing them.

The Series uses the classical Arabic language, and does not use any  Arabic dialects.

Islamic Studies:deeni

Salford Arabic School adopts Dr Habib Affes’s “I love my Religion” سلسلة أحبُّ ديني   series.

“I love my Religion” series, is a modern curriculum in Islamic education for primary school children, and is an integrated method for children of primary school age.

The series starts with the child in the first hours of his education, and continues with him throughout the primary stage, taking into account in the selection of words and linguistic maturity, seeking to take his hand, step by step, to create a Muslim character.

We at Salford Arabic School also entertain the students with additional materials and activities to fuel their interest and engagement and to enhance their reading, writing, comprehension and speaking further.