Talented Youngsters

ahmed qHi, My name is Ahmed Qaderi, I am 17 years old. I was born in 1996 in Yemen in a beautiful historic town called Radaa.

I lived with my parents and four siblings in our family home situated in the heart of the village of Al-Qaderi.

Drawing was one of my many hobbies ever since I was a little boy at the age of 5.

I used almost anything I found as a canvas for my drawings from the walls of my room to cardboard boxes and paper tissues.

I started with cartoon characters like Mogly from jungle book, Tom and Jerry and Spiderman.

In 2008 myself and my family came to live in England, I went to Wentworth high school in Salford, Manchester.

My favourite subjects were art, music and ICT which were also my strongest.

My first realistic sketch was a portrait of my sister after she passed away in 2009. I then started drawing portraits of other family members and celebrities.

On one of my visits to the Lowry centre I met the famous artist Harold riley by coincidence. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life as he drew a signed sketch of me then I drew one of him.

He was impressed with my sketch and told me that one day I could become a famous artist. Since then I have had the opportunity to display my artwork in Eccles gallery.

Here are some of my drawings, I hope you like them: