Friendly Northerners

Saleh Algedanar remembers the close-knit community of his childhood. At the time, there were few migrant families in the neighbourhood.

Here in Salford, I remember, everybody in the street used to pop into each other’s – we’d pop into each other’s house. “Have you got some sugar?” “Have you got some of this?” Have you got some of that?” Popping in each others  –  I don’t see it these days. It’s not as it was those days, if you know what I mean?  It’s erm – Our house was open; our back door was open, our front door was open. And the next-door neighbours are all you know, coming in. My mam said “Can you get us some …?” “Have we got any butter left?” and “We need some sugar.” “Go and get some milk from…” That’s how friendly [we were]. When they say Northerners are friendly, that’s how friendly we were.

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