Making ends meet

During the 1970s Mukbil Said Kassim shared a house with other migrant workers, saving money to send to relatives or to travel home.

A lot of people were sharing, living in one house; about six, seven, eight, ten people sometimes. Yeah because you got no money to – people, some people they get money to buy house for [him]self, and they rent it for his family or Pakistani people, Indian in the house, living with them, alright. And the people, our people like to – working two year, three year, going back, going back, coming with family, you know. They’ve got a wife, you know they got children. They like to go and to see their wife, see the children…myself I can’t live [without seeing them for] more than three years. No chance! The first time, three years. The second time I think, two and a half years or three years. No more than three years. Two year, one year, one time only six months.

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