Arabic films

Atteager Audhali recalls the Arab films screenings that once took place at the Regent Cinema in Eccles

…Next to Morrisons there was a cinema, and we used to go and watch Arab films there, years ago. There’s…a picture of my mum and dad, where my dad was writing people’s names or something…’cause my dad used to sell Coke, and he used to take [bottles of] Coke to the cinema so he could sell them to the people there.

…I remember going when we were little. It was all in Arab[ic], we just watched like everyone else…I remember one; it was like Jane Eyre but in Arab[ic], where I remember her burning a building down after… she was like a crazy woman in the house, on the top floor. So it was like Jane Eyre in a way, but in Arabic…

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