Community club

Fatima Dykstra remembers that the community once had its own social club

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…I can’t remember the lady’s – I don’t know her name – her and her husband, and they got the scout hut so we had somewhere to congregate. And we’d dance there and drink bottles of Coke and what have you, and the men’d play cards. Like a little youth club – you know a little club thing? It wasn’t very big, but we went. It was good.

I think that was in the 60s…yeah that’s before my dad opened the café…there was nowhere for us to go, you know to make friends and talk to people. And she just – this – I don’t remember the name at all – and they got this scout hut. Patricroft train station – it was just on a bit of land at the side, and that’s where the scout hut was. And we used to go…it was solely for the Yemeni people.

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